What kind of response can I expect to my request?
- Within 5 business days after receiving a FOIA request the township will issue a response. If a request is received by fax or email, the request is deemed to have been received on the following business day. The township will respond to your request in one of the following ways: Grant the request, Issue a written notice denying the request, Grant the request in part and issue a written notice denying in part the request, Issue a notice indicating that due to the nature of the request the township needs an additional 10 business days to respond, or Issue a written notice indicating that the public record requested is available at no charge on the township’s website.
- If the request is granted, or granted in part, the township will ask that payment be made for the allowable fees associated with responding to the request before the public record is made available.
- If the cost of processing the request is expected to exceed $50, or if you have not paid for a previously granted request, the township will require a deposit before processing the request.

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1. How do I submit a FOIA request to the township?
2. What kind of response can I expect to my request?
3. What are the township’s deposit requirements?
4. How does the township calculate FOIA processing fees?
5. How do I qualify for an indigence discount on the fee?
6. May a nonprofit organization receive a discount on the fee?
7. How may I challenge the denial of a public record or an excessive fee?