Township Administrative Manual

The Chesterfield Township Administrative Manual contains the policies and procedures that guide the operation of township government, in compliance with federal, state, and local law and consistent with legislative policy.

The manual serves as a comprehensive reference guide to the rules by which our local government operates.  It is a resource for staff, our residents, and those who work with township government.

The policies in this manual apply to all departments and administrative units of Chesterfield Township.

These policies apply to all employees of Chesterfield Township, including management and confidential, except as noted.

To initiate a new policy or an update to an existing policy, the Board of Trustees or Township staff must completed the following form:
Administrative Change Form

Administrative Code and Plan

Administrative Code and Plan 2022

Administrative Procedure Order
Revising the Administrative Procedure Order

01-2018 APO  Administrative Procedure Order
02-2018 APO  Administrative Service Order
03-2018 APO  Designation of the National Incident Management System (NIMS) as the basis for all incident management in the Township of Chesterfield, Michigan.
04-2018 APO  Board Rules and Procedures
05-2018 APO  Statutory Boards and Commissions
06-2018 APO  Special Assessment Districts
07-2018 APO  Elected Official Compensation
08-2019 APO  Facility Management and Rental
09-2019 APO  Special Events
10-2019 APO  Residential Cart Program
11-2019 APO  Purchasing Policy
12-2020 APO  Project Management Policy
13-2019 APO  Education, Training, and Travel
14-2020 APO  Chesterfield Township Code of Ethics and Values
15-2021 APO  Investment and Depository Designation Policy 
16-2021 APO  Records Retention and Management Policy
17-2021 APO  Filling Board Vacancies
18-2021 APO Township Chipping - Emergency Situations
19-2021 APO  Township Snowplowing - Emergency Situations

Residents of Chesterfield looking to provide suggestions and input are encouraged to reach out to the Board of Trustees.