Roads and Sidewalks


Sidewalks are maintained by the homeowner or commercial property owner in front of each property.  

For more information on the Townships Sidewalk Replacement Program, click here.


Private Roads are maintained at the expense of the private individuals who requested the road.  If the street sign is blue, the road is private.

Public Roads are maintained by the Macomb County Department of Roads.  If this road sign is green, it is under the jurisdiction of Macomb County Roads.

Michigan Department of Transportation - MDOT MiDrive. Click on the link for current and upcoming MDOT road projects.

Snow Removal

In the winter months, the Macomb County Department of Roads does snow removal on public roads.  This is done on a priority basis with all state and primary roads cleared first before private roads are done.  For all plowing, salting, and other concerns, please contact the Macomb County Road Commission at (586) 463-8671.

Pothole Repair

The Macomb County Department of Roads repairs potholes year round.  The spring time is the prime season for potholes because of the winter thaw.  Please contact the Macomb County Department of Roads to report a pothole.