Public and Legal Notices

Public and Legal Notices Bulletin Board

9.28.2022    Public Hearing Notice: Lefty's Cheesesteak Drive-Through

8.31.2022    Public Hearing Notice: Austin Catholic High School

7.28.2022    Notice of Adoption of Zoning Ordinance Amendment

7.28.2022    Public Hearing Notice: Public Safety Special Assessment District Renewal

7.21.2022    Notice of Primary Election to the Qualified Electors

7.20.2022    EGLE-WRD Public Notice: Private Shore

7.20.2022    EGLE-WRD Public Notice: 26 Mile Rd.

7.19.2022    Notice of Hearing on Establishment of Special Assessment District for Installation of Road in the North Bay Industrial Subdivision

7.13.2022    Notice of Public Accuracy Test for the State Primary Election

7.5.2022      Notice to Chesterfield Township Taxpayers July Board of Review Meeting

6.28.2022    Notice of Registration for the State Primary Election to be hold on Tuesday, August 2, 2022

6.17.2022    Public Hearing Notice: Prevez Plastic Injection Molding and Assemblies, INC. Industrial Facilities Tax Exemption Certificate Application

6.17.2022    Public Hearing Notice: National Research Company Industrial Facilities Tax Exemption Certificate Application

6.2.2022      Notice to Taxpays and Electors of Intent to Issue Bonds

6.1.2022      Notice of Posting and Adoption of an Amendment to Code of Ordinances

5.18.2022    Public Hearing Notice: Consider Comments regarding Charter Township of Chesterfield Zoning Ordinance Chapter 76

3.30.2022    Public Hearing Notice Sidewalk Replacement Assessment Program

3.28.2022    Public Hearing Notice: Six Rivers Land Conservancy

3.23.2022    Public Hearing Notice: Special Assessment District (SAD) Street lighting for Brookview Estates Condominiums

1.19.2022    Public Hearing Notice: CDBG Funds for Fiscal Year 2022

8.16.2021    Public Notice Ascension St. John Health Center

6.3.2021      Public Notice of Board Vacancy