Yard Waste

Yard waste collection to begin April 2, 2018

Collection of yard waste runs early April to late November and must be out by 7:00 a.m. 

Yard Waste must be contained in up to 35-gallon plastic or metal container labeled "Yard Waste" weighing no more than 50 pounds, or in biodegradable kraft yard waste bags set out during compost season.  Compost stickers are available at the Township Offices on the Clerk's/Supervisor's counter.

Allowable:  Garden waste, leaves, lawn clippings, shrub and tree trimmings.  Limbs and branches must be bundled and not exceed four feet in length and a total of 18 inches in diameter, or exceed 60 pounds.  Please secure bundles with rope or heavy twine.

Not Allowed:  Dirt, sod, large stumps, sand, gravel, stone, concrete, animal feces, dead animals.