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To All Chesterfield Township Property Owners:

Notice is hereby given that the Board of Review of the Charter Township of Chesterfield, Macomb County, Michigan shall meet in the North Annex meeting room located at the Chesterfield Township Municipal Offices, 47275 Sugarbush Road, Chesterfield Township, MI 48047 to review the 2023 Assessment Roll.

The organizational meeting will be held on Tuesday, March 7, 2023 
(No appeals will be heard at this meeting) 

Appeals hearing dates:
Monday, March 13, 2023,      1:00 PM to    4:00 PM and 6:00 PM  to    9:00 PM
Tuesday, March 14, 2023,      9:00 AM to 12:00 PM and 1:00 PM  to    4:00 PM

The tentative ratio and equalization factors for Chesterfield Township, as calculated by the Macomb County Equalization Department are as follows:

                                                                PRELIMINARY           PROJECTED
                                                                EQUALIZATION         FINAL EQUALIZATION 
                                          RATIO           FACTOR                     

Agricultural Property      48.66             1.02754                       1.0000
Commercial Property      47.58             1.05086                       1.0000                 
Industrial Property          48.23             1.03670                       1.0000
Residential Property       44.66             1.11957                       1.0000
Personal Property           50.00             1.00000                       1.0000

Any allowable matter that the Township taxpayers wish to take up with the Board of Review, relative to the assessment of their property for the year 2023, may be presented in person or may be represented by an authorized representative to present their case. Appearances before the Board of Review are made by appointment. All letters of appeal must be received in hand of the Assessing Department prior to the close of the Board of Review. Please call after February 27, 2023, (586) 949-0400 ext. 8. then ext. 5.

Kerry L. Beauvais, MMAO
Township Assessor


  • The Board of Review meets to hear appeals from taxpayers the second week of March each year. Appeals can only be heard at this meeting. Notices of Assessment Change are sent out at least 14 days before the first meeting of the Board of Review by the Assessors Office
  • The Board of Review also meets two times a year to handle corrections to the assessment roll occurring during the year.
  • All meetings of the Board of Review are held pursuant to the Open Meetings Act. and are open to the public.


  • Samantha Hickey
  • David Jacobson
  • Marc Reneau


The Board of Review reviews the assessment roll received from the Assessor to check to see that it is complete, accurate, uniform and valid. It is a 3-member board comprised of Chesterfield Township residents that have knowledge of property values. They are appointed by the Board of Trustees. This body has the authority to make any adjustments they deem necessary in order to ensure that assessments are lawfully set. Petitioners should be prepared to present evidence that his or her property assessment exceeds 50% of the True Cash Value.

The Board of Review will meet to hear aggrieved taxpayers, the Monday following the first Tuesday in March, time and dates of these meetings are written on the taxpayers Assessment Change Notices.

The Board of Review will hear the protests of anyone wishing to contest the current property assessment during the month of March only. Appointments may be made by calling the phone number listed on the Assessment Change Notice.

Letters of appeal will also be accepted if the taxpayer is unable to attend said hearings or by authorizing a representative to state their appeal on behalf of the property owner. All letters of objection must be received in the Township office before the close of the March Board of Review which is also indicated on the Assessment Change Notice. All Board of Review correspondence letters must be legible, preferably typed or hand written print on 8.5-inch by 11-inche sheet of paper to be made part of the file.

Board of Review Decision

The Board of Review will not give the decision at the time of the hearing, but will mail the decision no later than the end of April. The decision of the Board is binding for the current assessment year only. The letter will indicate the Board of Review’s decision and information concerning the right to appeal to the Michigan Tax Tribunal, the time limits for appealing, and the tribunal’s address. Please pay special attention to the appeal process and deadline for filing.

July & December Boards of Review

The Board of Review also meets in July and December for clerical errors, mutual mistakes of fact, and poverty exemption requests. All other types of appeals can only be heard at the March Board of Review.