Historical Society

Chesterfield Township Historical Society

In March, 1993, a group of residents interested in forming a Historical Society met at the Municipal Offices to discuss the possibility.  On April 24, 1994, the Chesterfield Township Historical Society was incorporated in the State of Michigan as a non-profit organization.  On March 13, 1999, the Society received tax-exempt status as a nonprofit organization under Section 501(c)(3) from the Federal Internal Revenue Service, which means that contributions to our organization can be deductible for federal income tax purposes.


Historical Park

In 1995, the Charter Township of Chesterfield Board of Trustees donated a portion of land on the municipal site on which to develop a historical park. The intent was to move the old township hall and other historical buildings and begin developing the site as funds became available. Unfortunately, the historical township hall was destroyed by an arsonist prior to moving it. However in August of 1996, the Odrobina Family donated the Weller School to the Historical Society. This 1-room school originally stood at 22 Mile and Gratiot Avenue for many years. As the first building to the park the Historical Society has been diligently rehabilitating the school. It is the Historical Society’s intention to give the school districts serving Chesterfield Township an opportunity for a 1-room school educational experience for students.

Between 2005 and 2009 an annex was added to the rear of the school that includes a handicap bathroom, a furnace room to supply heat to the school, and a small kitchen. A ramp was built on the side of the school to make it handicap accessible.

In 2006 a log cabin, a cobblers shop and a working blacksmith shop along with two outhouses were added to the grounds.

2016 brought the Kolping Chapel to our grounds from its former home at the Kolping Park across the road. 

Historical Society Information

For more information, please visit the official Historical Society at www.chesterfieldhistoricalsociety.org


The Historical Society is currently engaged in holding fundraisers for the purpose of adding more historic buildings as they become available. 

The Chesterfield Township Historical Society is always accepting and welcoming new membership.