Tax Rates

Your total tax rate consists of millage rates for our public schools, Chesterfield Township and Macomb County. School millage rates vary among school districts. There are 3 school districts within Chesterfield Township: 

  • Anchor Bay
  • L’Anse Creuse
  • New Haven

Each school district has a homestead rate for the residence owned and occupied by the taxpayer and a non-homestead rate for property not occupied as a principal residence by the taxpayer.

The millage rate times the taxable value (per thousand) is your tax obligation.

Millage Rates


Taxable value ($125,000) times tax rate (37.3397) Anchor Bay PRE Rate divide by 1,000 = estimated yearly tax
$125,000 x .0373397  = $4,667.46 (Homestead rate)

Property Tax Estimator