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12.31.2022 Treasurer's Investment Report
2021 Tax Collection Report, dated 9.13.2022


Property tax collection is the main function of the Chesterfield Township Treasurer’s Office. While the actual taxable values of property are determined in the Assessor’s Office, the tax billings and collections originate in the Treasurer’s Office. All money transactions are processed through the Treasurer’s Office. 


Water bills, police business, planning and zoning, building permits, business licenses, parks and recreation registrations are billed from each of the respective departments and then payments are made to the Treasurer’s Department.

The Treasurer’s Office can only make changes to mortgage/escrow company information, which must be requested in writing. If you have a name and address change or correction, please notify the Assessor’s Office at 586-949-0400 press 8 then press 5.

New Homeowners

Tax bills are prepared in June and November. The transfer of property during that period can result in tax bills being directed to the previous owner rather than the new responsible party. The U.S. Post Office directs mail based upon the addressee information on record. Thus, they may forward tax bills to the former owner's new address. New homeowners should call or stop in at the Treasurer's Office at 586-949-0400 ext. 6 or stop in the Treasurer's Office to make certain they receive their tax bill.