Supervisor's Office

About the Supervisor’s Office

The Township Supervisor works directly with the Township Board and the various departments of Chesterfield Township. The Supervisor is responsible for overseeing the day-to-day operations of the Township; budget preparation and administration, human resources, public service including planning, building and facilities, public safety, public works, and leisure services. Department directors report to the Township Supervisor. To reach the Supervisor, please call (586) 949-0400, option 8 then 2 or Email Supervisor Kersten.

Numerous activities and projects were accomplished in 2022 under the leadership of the Township Supervisor’s office:

  • Coordinated the 2022 Goals and Objectives process
  • Continued to seek opportunities to reduce overall operating costs
  • Worked with the Macomb County Department of Roads on the 2022 Local Roads Program
  • Development and oversight of the Township’s 2023 Budget
  • Continued the efforts to enhance economic development in the Township
  • Began negotiations on seven Collective Bargaining Agreements