Notice of Chesterfield Township Property Inspections

The State Tax Commission recommends 20% of the properties in each municipality should be reviewed each year by the Assessing Division to verify accuracy. 

Therefore, our Assessing department staff will be reviewing records throughout the township. During the months of April through June staff appraisers from our office will review assessment records and verify the exterior information of homes throughout various neighborhoods. 

The appraisers will be driving Chesterfield Township vehicles and will be wearing photo identification badges indicating their employment with the Township. They will approach the front door first to notify you that they are on the property. If you are not home, and they need further information they will leave a notification/door tag letting you know that they visited the property.

If you have any questions, please contact our office at 586-949-0400 ext. 8, and then ext. 5.

*State Tax Commission Bulletin No. 2 of 2014

Assessing Department

The primary function of the Assessing Office is to accurately estimate the market value of taxable properties within the community. As properties are sold, a record of the sales prices and transaction dates are kept. Later, a market study is conducted to determine the ratios at which comparable properties are being sold in various areas throughout the community. Public Act 206 of 1893, as amended, established the General Property Tax Law under which the Assessing Office operates. Section I of the law states, "… that all property, real and personal, within the jurisdiction of this state, not expressly exempted, shall be subject to taxation."

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The Assessing Department is responsible for identifying and valuing all real and personal property within Chesterfield Township in accordance with Michigan's General Property Tax Laws.

Notice of Property Inspections
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