Miss Dig

Need to Dig on Your Property?

Before any digging on your property, it is highly suggested you call Miss Dig, a free service that will locate all of the utilities in your yard before you begin your digging project. Utilities can be buried from 2 inches to over 10 feet underground. Locating all utilities in advance can prevent costly repair work, as well as save your life! You can reach MISS DIG at 800-482-7171 or 811#.  It will take MISS DIG up to 36 hours to locate your utilities, so plan in advance of your project to keep yourself safe!

MISS DIG - What Does That Flag Mean?

If you notice colored flags in your yard or along the roadway, it is an indicator that someone is planning to perform underground construction in that area. The following utility companies are represented by colored flags as indicated:

Flag Color
Blue Water
Green Sanitary sewer or storm sewer
Orange Telephone / Cable TV
Pink Temporary surveying
Purple Reclaimed water irrigation
Red Electric
White Proposed excavation
Yellow Gas, oil, steam, or petroleum

For additional information, visit the MISS DIG website.