Items Not Accepted

The following products are not accepted; please do not bring them to the Hazardous Household Waste collections:

  • Automotive batteries - check with local battery retailers
  • Smoke detectors - return to the manufacturer or wrap in newsprint and dispose of in the regular refuse
  • Household batteries - contact curbside recycler
  • Ammunition/flares/explosives - contact your local law enforcement for additional information
  • Latex paint - latex paint is not a hazardous substance and therefore is not accepted at the MCHD Hazardous Waste Collections

Disposing of Latex Paint

  • Latex paint must be dried out or solidified prior to disposal. Use cat-litter or other suitable absorbent material to dry out paint.
  • Once the paint is solidified, leave the lid off of the can and set it out at the curbside for collection with your regular refuse. (Waste hauling companies can not and will not accept liquid waste materials.
  • If you are unsure whether paint is latex (water-based), refer to the clean-up instructions on the paint can. Latex paint can be cleaned up using water.