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Invasive Species - Phragmites

Invasive Species Management


Chesterfield Township is proud to be a member of the Lake St. Clair Cooperative Invasive Species Management Area (CISMA). The Lake St. Clair CISMA is responsible for identifying and helping to eliminate invasive species in both Macomb County and St. Clair County. Numerous cities, townships, villages, and county programs within the two counties are involved in the Lake St. Clair CISMA.

While there are over a handful of invasive species to be on the lookout for, Phragmites is currently the primary target of Chesterfield Township. Phragmites is a major hindrance to our waterways: Reducing flow capacity to many of our drains, reducing visibility of our beautiful view of our lakes and streams, and limiting access for recreation by choking off our drains and streams. Phragmites is also limiting visibility along roadways, making unsafe conditions for drivers.

Chesterfield Township has been looking to utilize grant opportunities to help fund the eradication of invasive species within the township. Working with the Southeast Michigan Council of Governments (SEMCOG) and The Stewardship Network (TSN), the Lake St. Clair CISMA is working hard to utilize grant opportunities to aid the prevention of furthering invasive species into our region.
What Can I Do?

To learn more about Phragmites and what you can do to help eliminate them, please visit the following websites: – Education of Phragmites and what needs to be done to make sure they do not return - MISIN is the Midwest Invasive Species Information Network. They have an app for your mobile device that will allow you to upload photos and the location of invasive species that you may come across. This helps us create an early detection and rapid response (EDRR) plan for invasive species. - Clay Township has a Phragmites Management Advisory Board that is well versed in dealing with Phragmites. You may visit the website or call (810) 519-2985 to learn more about Phragmites.
Contact the Chesterfield Township DPW at (586) 949-0400, ext. 3 for any questions.


The Macomb County Department of Roads (MCDR) is a member of the Lake St. Clair CISMA. The MCDR is going to be applying herbicides to Phragmites along the roadways in Chesterfield Township. Below is information regarding treatment of the Phragmites along the roadway that abuts your property along the road.

Advance Notice – This is the advance notice directive of the MCDR.
No Treatment Zone Permit – This permit is for residents who prefer the MCDR do NOT treat Phragmites along the right-of-way that abuts their property. This understanding also explains that the removal of Phragmites will belong to the homeowner.
Information Sheet – This is a list of frequently asked questions (FAQs).
Phragmites Management Workshops For Homeowners.