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Put Your Hazardous Waste In Its Proper Place

While much concern about hazardous waste has fallen upon manufacturers, your own household may have a hazardous waste problem.  Many pesticides, weed killers, automotive/cleaning products and hobby supplies contain toxic chemicals that become hazardous waste.

If we simply toss these products in the garbage, pour them down the drain, or dump them onto the ground, the result can be pollution to our soil and water.

YES!  Do Bring The Following Items to a Macomb County Household Hazardous Waste Collection:

  • Automotive Products
    • gasoline
    • motor oil and oil filters
    • battery acid
    • solvents and degreasers
    • brake fluid
    • transmission fluid
    • spray paint
  • Gardening Products
    • pesticides
    • weed killers
    • poisons
    • sprays and dusts
    • fertilizers
  • Household Products
    • oven cleaner
    • muriatic acid
    • rat/ant poison
    • drain cleaner
    • pool chemicals
    • paint thinner/solvent
    • paint stripper
    • nail polish and remover
    • aerosols (unless empty)
    • oil based paint
    • products containing mercury
    • fluorescent tubes
    • compact fluorescent lamps
    • medications
      1. controlled substances will not be accepted (e.g. narcotic painkillers, morphine, ritalin, Tylenol III with codeine
      2. to protect your personal information:  remove unwanted pills (e.g. antibiotics, over the counter and prescription medications) from bottles and combine in a nondescript container such as a zip lock bag.  Please do not bring pill bottles.
      3. deliver medicatios for safe and secure disposal
      4. call the MCHD HHW Hotline if you have questions on medicaiton disposal (586) 466-7923

No!  The Following Products Are Not Accepted.  Please Do Not Bring Them to the HHW Collections

  • automotive batteries - check with local battery retailers
  • smoke detectors - return to the manufacturer or wrap in newsprint and dispose of in the regular refuse
  • household batteries - contact curbside recycler
  • ammunition/flares/explosives - contact your local law enforcement for additional information
  • latex paint - latex paint is not a hazardous substance and therefore is not accepted at the MCHD Hazardous Waste Collections
    • Disposing of latex paint
      1. latex paint must be dried out or solidified prior to disposal.  Use cat-litter or other suitable absorbent material to dry out paint.
      2. Once the paint is solidified, leave the lid off of the can and set it out at the surbside for collection with your regular refuse.  (Waste housling companies can not and will not accept liquid waste materials.
      3. If you are unsure whether paint is latex (water-based), refer to the clean-up instructions on the paint can.  Latex paint can be cleaned up using water.

Household Hazardous Waste Checklist

  • Only Macomb County households may participate - business wastes are not accepted
  • We reserve the right to limit quantitites accepted at HHW collections
  • Please keep hazardous substances labeled or original containters
  • Do not mix different hazardous products together
  • Avoid contact with hazardous substances
  • Transport leaking containers in a pail

Macomb County Health Department Environmental Management and Risk Assessment Program (EMRAP)

  1. Visit their website
  2. To receive email alerts for upcoming HHW collections to to join them on facebook, by clicking here
  3. Call the HHW Hotline (586) 466-7923


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