Township Clerk


The Clerk’s Department constantly strives to fulfill their role in providing and maintaining vital information of and for the community.

Currently there are 6 full time employees in the Clerk’s Department. Their positions and duties are as follows:

Cindy Berry/Township Clerk – She is an elected official with a 4 year term expiring in November of 2016. She oversees the Clerk’s Department Staff and all related functions.

Michelle C. Nizza/Deputy Clerk – Is appointed by the Clerk and assists in the management of the staff. She also processes Freedom of Information Act requests, distributes Board Meeting agendas/minutes, processes Township room accommodations for community events, and assists with the coordination of election staffing. She also issues the licenses for car dealerships, waste haulers and massage parlors. She is also a notary public.

Michelle Kemp/Clerical – Maintains and prepares all public notices, resolutions, tax-abatements, liquor licenses, Special Assessment District petitions, ordinances, and final plats. She is also responsible for reporting any and all street lighting outages.  She is also a notary public.

Mary Geremesz/Clerical – Retains all information on registered voters in the community and is the primary conductor of election related functions.  She is also a notary public.

The responsibilities of the Clerks Department is varied, wide ranging, and is continually evolving as government services change. The entire staff is knowledgeable on all facets of the department’s services and anyone of the staff members look forward to assisting the public.

* Any one of our staff will be more than happy to assist you!*




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