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Assessing Planning and Zoning Department
Building and Code Enforcement Township Clerk
Department of Public Works Township Treasurer


 2017 Form 5076 Affidavit to Claim Small Business Tax Exemption under MCL 211.9o
 2017 Form 5278 Affidavit and Statement for Eligible Manufacturing Personal Property and Essential Services Assessment
 2017 Form 632/L-4175 Personal Property Statement
 Change of Address Form
 Parcel Division Application
 Petition to Board of Review
 2017 Hardship Application Packet
printer-friendly Property Transfer Affidavit
printer-friendly Principal Residence Exemption
printer-friendly Request to Rescind Principal Residence Exemption (PRE)
printer-friendly Conditional Rescind Principal Residence Exemption
     printer-friendly Conditional Questions and Answers

A number of forms can be found on the State of Michigan website.  Click here to go there now.

Building and Code Enforcement

 Addition Application 
 Basement Finish Application 
 Building Department Complaint Form
 Building Permt Application
 Deck Construction
 Demolition Application
 Electrical Permit Application
 Foreclosure Inspection Application
 Mechanical Permit Application
 Mobile and Manufactured Homes
 Permanent Signs
 Plumbing Permit Application
 ReRoof Application
 Residential CheckOff List
 Shed and Garage Application
 Swimming Pool Application
 Temporary Signs
 Township Certification
 Window Replacement Application

Department of Public Works

 Business Welcome Packet
 Contractor Registration
 Direct Payment Enrollment Form
 Service Address Change Authorization Form for Water and Sewer

Planning and Zoning Department

 Affidavit of No Regulated Trees
 Applicant Information Form
 Applicant Information Form
 Condominium Subdivision Review Application Form
 Planning Commission Review Application Form
 Rezoning Request Application Form
 Sign Review Application Form
 Subdivision Review Application Form
 Tree Removal Application Form
 Zoning Board of Appeals Application Form

Clerk's Department

 Election Inspector Application
 Freedom of Information Request Form
 FOIA - Appeal form to Appeal Denial of Records
 FOIA - Appeal Form to Appeal an Excess Fee
 Garage Sale Application
 Going Out Of Business Application
 Industrial Facilities Tax Exemption Certificate Application
 Employment Application
 Merchandising / Sidewalk Sale Application
 Meeting Room Request Form
 Street Lighting
 Special Assessment District - Acknowledgement of Interest
 Vending Application
 Request for Voter List
 Fireworks Permit Procedure

Township Treasurer

 Application for Summer Tax Deferment
 Direct Payment Enrollment Form

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