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Parks and Recreation Commission Minutes - October 27, 2010

Parks & Recreation Commission

Minutes - October 27, 2010




Doug Groth

Natalie McPherson

Tracy Antrikin

Matthew Barlow

Alan Christ (Chair)

Richard Piekarski (Director)

Brian Scott DeMuynck, (Trustee)


Mary Ellen Barrett-Wilmot

Patrick Williams (Vice-Chair)

Theldha Miller

APPROVAL OF AGENDA: Motion to accept agenda by Natalie McPherson, seconded by Doug Groth

APPROVAL OF MINUTES: Motion to accept September meeting minutes by Matthew Barlow, seconded by Tracy Antrikin,


Review concept plans for Radio Range.

Discuss low cost possible improvements to Connie M. Bowles Memorial Park.

Review current plan for batting cages at Pollard Park

Halloween event had a good turn out and every one had a good time.

Basketball participation is only down by one team this year.

There will be a site dedication on 11/6/10 at the Township offices for a veteran’s memorial.

Chesterfield will not be participating in the annual "Santa Parade"


A) Al Christ to talk to Vincent Finazzo the previous Secretary to see if he has the old minutes from past meetings and pass them onto Matt Barlow to get them entered into record. If Vincent does not have them Al Christ will present a motion close said item.


Election of officers for Parks & Recreation Commission.

Alan Christ nominated for Chair

Patrick Williams nominated for Vice-Chair

Matthew Barlow nominated for secretary

All nominees approved by Parks & Recreation Advisory Board.


Mom & Son Dance - November 7@ 3:00PM ----- Looking for volunteers to go and participate

As of the time of this meeting only 50 tickets have been sold.

Due to Thanksgiving the next meeting has been rescheduled for 11/30/10 @ 7:30pm


Natalie McPherson wishes everyone a happy Halloween and likes the concept plans for Radio Range.

Doug Groth is disappointed we will not be participating in the annual "Santa Parade"

Tracy Antrikin likes all the new ideas and programs that have been talked in the meeting.

Matt Barlow would like to see about getting Parks & Recreation polo style shirts that can be worn at Chesterfield parks and recreation events by the commissioners. Matt would also like to see if we can get bumper stickers or Clings that can be pass out to the people and business of chesterfield to show their support for parks and recreation department. Matt would like to find out about a more eye catching web page for parks and recreation that can be reference on the get bumper stickers or Clings to make more people aware of what is available through Chesterfield parks and recreation department.

Alan Christ will bring in catalog next meeting to review available bumper stickers or Clings and shirts.


Motion to adjourn meeting by Alan Christ, seconded by Doug Groth

NEXT MEETING: 11/30/10 @ 7:30pm

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