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Parks and Recreation Commission Minutes - March 31, 2010

Parks and Recreation Advisory Board Meeting Minutes

March 31st, 2010

Call to Order: Called to order by Alan @ 7:02PM

Roll Call:

In attendance: Alan Christ, Doug Groth, Natalie McPhearson, Pat Williams, Thelda Miller, Tracy Antrikin, Vince Finazzo

P&R Director: Rich Piekarsk.

Township Board Liaison: Brian DeMuynck

Excused Absence: Mary Ellen Wilmot

Motion to Approve Agenda: Motion by Pat, seconded by Natalie, motion passed.

Motion to Approve Minutes of February 24th, 2010: Motion to table by Pat, seconded by Alan, motion passed. Pat will submit minutes in the very near future.


Letter of resignation from Amy Zarate:

Motion to accept the letter of resignation by Thelda, seconded by Doug, motion passed.

Motion by Thelda that a letter along with a small gift be presented to Amy Zarate in appreciation of her contributions to the P&R commission.

Seconded by Doug, motion passed. A collection was taken.

Directors Report:

Registrations for spring camp is full, summer camp 99% full.

Baseball program is going very well with enough coaches and players. Partnership with New Baltimore is going well.

Easter Egg Scramble was a success, approx. 350 children participated. Although it was a cold didn't rain!

Old Business:

Appreciation Awards nominations are trickling in.

Comments from the Commission:

Alan: Happy Easter to all.

Natalie: Happy Easter to all.

Thelda: Inquired as to where the $22,000.00 collected for improvements to the Connie Bowles Park are. She also stated that there is allot of interest in a township golf league.

Motion to Adjourn @ 7:36 PM: Motion by Pat, seconded by Vince, motion passed.

Next meeting to be held on April 28th, 2010

Minutes Submitted by Secretary Vince Finazzo, April 20th, 2010

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