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Parks and Recreation Commission Minutes - February 24, 2010

Chesterfield Township Parks and Recreation Commission

Proposed Minutes


Call to Order

Meeting called to order at 7:00 PM by Alan Christ

Roll Call

Present: Alan Christ, Pat Williams, Doug Groth, Natalie McPherson, Theldha Miller, Tracy Antriken; Scott DeMuynck-Liaison; Rich Piekarski (Director),

Absent: Vince Finazzo, Mary Ellen Wilmot, Amy Zarate


Motion was made by Pat seconded by Tracy to approve the agenda as written with addition of item for Marine 1-24 Memorial. Motion passed on a voice vote.


Approval of 10-28-09 and 11-18-09 minutes

Directors Report

December special events re-cap was given

Tree Lighting

North Pole Extension

House Decorating

Coloring Contest

Winter Programs reviewed

Discussion about making the brochure easier to access on the web site

General discussion was held regarding utilizing the web site to improve the customer experience

Selfridge Radar Range update was given. The long term plan for the park now calls for 2 soccer fields & one baseball/softball field.

Marine 1-24 Memorial

Angelo Lema, Bill Ray and Jim Graham presented their artist rendition of a proposed Marine Memorial. Their group is looking for a permanent home for a memorial to fallen marines from the area. They are midway through the fundraising needed and they would like to find a location now. They asked the our commission recommend to the Township Board that we consider allowing the memorial somewhere in the township.

Natalie made a motion that the Parks and Recreation Commission recommend to the township board that the 1-24 Marine Memorial be situated on township property and further that the township work with the memorial group to jointly develop the plan that works best for the location selected and to send a letter stating our position. Motion was seconded by Theldha. Motion passed unanimously.

Upcoming Events

Daddy/Daughter dance scheduled for 2-28, 520 signed up so far.

Appreciation Awards

Event will be held the last Thursday in April. Budget for this year is $500. Will create a program analysis after the event and consider going to every other year format.

New Business

Baseball Registration is ongoing with good interest.

Next Meeting is scheduled for 3-31-10

Comments from the Commission/Floor

Doug likes the idea of creating the Marine Memorial in Chesterfield

Pat also likes the idea.

Natalie appreciated the Marine Memorial presentation and hopes the township can accommodate the memorial.

Theldha enjoyed all the Christmas holiday activity and would like to see Parks and Rec. bring back girls volleyball.

Tracy is glad to have done so much in tonight’s meeting, is glad for the Marine presentation and would like us to consider some adult leagues.

Alan is glad to have Scott as our liaison and believes we should utilize social networking, like Face book and Twitter in our overall marketing plan.

Rich is glad for the meeting turnout.

Motion to adjourn made by Natalie and seconded by Tracy – passed on a voice vote. Meeting adjourned @ 8:30PM

Respectfully Submitted by Pat Williams 4-18-2010

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