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Beautification Committee Minutes - October 13, 2010

Chesterfield Township Beautification Committee Meeting Minutes

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Call to Order: Called to order by Sue Grimaudo at 7:01PM

Roll Call:

Members Present: Sue Grimaudo, Marlene Krul, Marilyn Sypolt, Tom Yaschen (arrived at 8:12 p.m.)

P & R Director: Rich Piekarski

Township Board Liaison: Cheryl Printz

Motion to Approve Agenda with the addition to item D) Election of Officers: Motion by Marilyn, seconded by Cheryl, motion passed unanimously.

Motion to Approve Minutes from May 12, 2010 and June 9, 2010 as submitted: Motion by Sue, seconded by Marlene, motion passed unanimously.

Old Business:

Maintenance Update: Sue noted that on September 8th she spoke with the DPW to have the sign area cleaned up at 26 Mile Road and County Line Road. To date this has not been done. Cheryl stated she would follow up with the DPW. Tom took care of Veteran’s Park, Marilyn worked on the welcome sign at Brandenburg, and Sue worked on the municipal building as well as Brandenburg Park. Sue thanked the DPW for weed whacking at the municipal building. Discussion followed on weeds at the township property and how to prevent it. Sue stated that on the 9th asters were planted and on the 15th she planted and weeded the Black Eyed Susan and Potentilla along with Marilyn. On October 5th, the court appointed community service project workers finished pulling up remaining weeds by hand.

Goals: Sue stated that volunteers are need for fall clean up and if we have trouble getting the needed help, then she would submit a work order to DPW. She noted that the beds at Brandenburg still need to be cleaned out. With the exception of the annuals, it was the consensus to leave the plants and prune in early spring. Sue will send out an email to organize clean out.

Adopt-a-Spot: There have been no new adoptions at this time. Sue thanked the family that is attending to the Novak garden. It was agreed to have information at the Pumpkin carving contest table and sue is working with Anchor Bay Middle School South and Cheryl will contact Middle School East for potential volunteers. Discussion followed on passing out information at various township events, MSU Extension, website, and local businesses.

Bird Houses: The bird houses are going to be stored until spring and Sue suggested that they be displayed in the Novak garden.

New Business:

Pumpkin Carving Contest: Stevi B’s donated $20 and $10 gift certificate for prizes, tables will be set up; and Sue, Tom and Noah Grimaudo will be event volunteers.

Hansen Resignation: Sue announced that Connie Hansen has resigned.

By-law Review/Discussion: Due to the resignation, the committee is short a person and currently we have no secretary. Discussion followed on whether the by-laws should be changed to alter the number of members. It was the consensus to leave the By-laws as is for the time being.

Nomination and Election of Officers: The By-laws call for elections at the October meeting. Due to the lack of members present, motion by Sue, seconded by Marlene, to Table the Nomination and Election of Officers until the next regularly scheduled meeting. Motion carried unanimously.

Bridge Decorating: Discussion followed on types of decoration to be used including real, artificial, garland and wreaths. Motion by Sue, seconded by Tom, to budget up to $500 for bridge decorations subject to funding being available in the budget. Motion carried unanimously.


Sue: noted that Supervisor Lovelock is trying to get an anchor donated to the Township from a resident. The Beautification Committee’s goal is to get perennials planted at all the sites so that maintenance is minimal.

Tom: stated that he picked up hostas from Nancy Orewyler; he planted one at Veteran’s Park and it is his intention to plant others at the Township historical site.

By unanimous vote, meeting was adjourned at 8:22 PM.

Next meeting to be held on November 10, 2010 at 7PM.

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