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Beautification Commission Minutes - June 9, 2010

Chesterfield Township Beautification Committee Meeting Minutes

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Call to Order: Called to order by Sue Grimaudo at 7:07PM

Roll Call:

Members Present: Denise Calvert, Sue Grimaudo, Marlene Krul,

Marilyn Sypolt, Tom Yaschen

Absent: Connie Hansen

P & R Director: Rich Piekarski

Township Board Liaison: Cheryl Printz

Resident: Scott Sheffield

Motion to Approve Agenda: Motion by Sue, seconded by Marilyn, motion passed.

Motion to Approve Minutes from May 12, 2010: Tabled until September 8th. Need to add adjournment time as 8PM.

Old Business:

Adopt-A-Spot: One Adopt-A-Spot has been taken. It is Spot #3 the Novak flower bed located at the back door of the Municipal Offices. The Beautification Committee completed the form to adopt the Municipal Offices front flower bed. The Senior Center requested that Spot #25 be added as their flower bed and we need to add Spot #26 at the Municipal Offices in the Building Dept. Wing. Marilyn agreed to take pictures of both new spots and add to folder.

Get-A-Tree Day: 150 trees were given out.

Bird, Bat & Butterfly Contest: There were a total of 10 houses entered into this year’s contest. All ten houses were of the bird or butterfly type. There were not any bat houses. Prizes were awarded for 1st ($25), 2nd ($15), & 3rd ($15) places. The decision as to where to display the wining houses has yet to be determined. Next year’s advertisement should state, "Open to Chesterfield residents only" and age categories should be as follows: 3-7, 8-12, & 12-Adult.

Maintenance Update: A Municipal Offices plant map was created by Denise at Rich’s request. Marilyn weeded the "Welcome to Chesterfield" sign located in front of Brandenburg Park. Committee members and Adopt-A-Spot participants will have their names posted at Brandenburg Park for both the booth workers and Mark’s to waive park entry fees when work is being done. For all ohter spots not yet adopted, Beautification Committee members will be overlooking & cleaning until they are adopted.


Marilyn: Would like winners of all contests and announcements to be displayed in the bulletin board at the municipal offices located nearest to the Parks & recreation entrance.

Sue: Will be contacting Amanda to create a Pumpkin Carving Contest flyer for the September meeting.

The Beautification Committee thanked Rich and his staff for having the Pumpkin Carving Contest advertised in the Roots brochure and for having an advertisement placed on Comcast Channel 6 & 12 for the Adopt-A-Spot as well as for volunteers.

Motion to adjourn at 7:48PM: Motion by Cheryl, seconded by Marilyn, motion passed.

Next meeting to be held on September 8, 2010 at 7PM.

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