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Planning Commission Minutes - August 11, 2009



AUGUST 11, 2009

A Regular meeting of the Charter Township of Chesterfield Planning Commission was held on Tuesday, August 11, 2009 at 7:00 p.m. at the Township Hall Located at 47275 Sugarbush, Chesterfield, MI 48047.


Chairman Priest called the meeting to order at 7:01 p.m.


Present: Jim Priest Excused: Jim Moran

Robert Kohler Paul Miller

Paula Frame

Joe Stabile

George Deeby

Ray Saelens

Cheryl Printz

Others: Patrick Meagher, Township Planner


Motion by Mr. Priest, supported by Mr. Deeby to approve the agenda as presented.

All Ayes Motion Carried

4. SUBCOMMITTEE REPORT: (Committee will report items under Reviews)



A. CONCENTRA URGENT CARE PROPOSED NEW WALL SIGN – SGN #2009-14: Allied Signs, Inc., 33650 Giftos Drive, Clinton Twp., MI 48035. Proposed new wall sign located at 50110 Gratiot. Tabled 7-14-09.

Motion by Ms. Frame, supported by Mr. Deeby to approve SGN #2009-14.

All Ayes Motion Carried

B. DANIA SERVICE STATION PROPOSED NEW WALL SIGN – SGN #2009-19: Art Sylver, 29009 Pinehurst, Chesterfield, MI., 48051 – Proposed new wall sign located at 28230 23 Mile Road.

Ms. Frame stated that this sign is not in compliance with the ordinance. They have submitted a new sign of 25 square feet that would meet our ordinance. They have also agreed to remove all but 15% of the window signage and the inside neon Subway sign and also the Money Gram banner that is located on the west end of the building in order to get approval this evening.

Mr. Saelens asked the applicant if they are in agreement with all of these conditions.

Art Sylver stated that he is sure that the owner of the gas station will be glad to take those signs down in exchange to get that Subway sign up.

Ms. Frame stated that they will submit the revised sign to the Planning Department. The applicant does understand that they will not be issued a building permit until all of these other issues are taken care of.

Motion by Ms. Frame, supported by Mr. Saelens to approve the new revised SGN #2009-19 at the 25 square feet, which is permitted; and subject to removing the neon Subway sign inside the window, all of the temporary signage except for 15% and the temporary Money Gram banner that is hanging on the west side of the building.

Mr. Stabile asked for clarification as to 15% of what.

Ms. Frame explained that they are allowed to cover only 15% of their windows with additional inside POP signage. She indicated on the plans to Mr. Stabile what would be removed.

Vote On The Motion:

All Ayes Motion Carried

C. MCBRIDE, MANLEY & MILLER PC PROPOSED NEW WALL SIGN – SGN #2009-20: Intercity Neon, P.O. Box 3762, Centerline, MI., 48015 – Proposed new wall sign located at 47692 Gratiot.

Ms. Frame stated that this sign is actually currently on a building on 23 Mile Road. The applicant is moving to a new building on Gratiot. This sign is actually 7 inches over our ordinance. However, it is an existing sign; they are just taking it down and moving it to a new place.

Motion by Ms. Frame, supported by Mr. Stabile to approve SGN #2009-20 with a 7 inch variance.

All Ayes Motion Carried

D. G&T AUTO PROPOSED NEW GROUND SIGN – SGN #2009-21: John Kapousis, 48475 Gratiot, Chesterfield, MI., 48051 – Proposed new ground sign located at 54525 Gratiot.

Ms. Frame stated that at this time this sign will be tabled in order to look into the previous special approval to make sure that they are still in compliance with the timeline that we had approved back in October of 2005. At that time we will consider the new sign. The applicant has received the comments from the planner indicating the issues that we have with the sign at the present time. The applicant will contact the planner and Planning Department to work on the size and issues that we have.

Motion by Ms. Frame, supported by Ms. Printz to table SGN #2009-21 for up to 6 meetings with the deadline being November 10, 2009.

All Ayes Motion Carried


Motion by Mr. Priest, supported by Mr. Deeby to approve the minutes from the July 28, 2009 meeting as sent.

All Ayes Motion Carried


Mr. Priest referenced a letter from Ms. Giese with regard to this year’s conference. Due to the economic climate that we are now experiencing there will be no money available for sending anyone to this conference.


A. Gratiot Avenue Corridor Improvement Plan, as requested Sharon Hood. Tabled 7-28-09.

Mr. Meagher stated that the county presented this plan at the last meeting and asked us to study it over the next two weeks. This is more of a concept at this point in time. Based on the new State Act, they have asked us to recommend to the Township Board that they approve the distribution of documents so that it can be mailed out to all of the agencies in the area, including the county and SEMCOG and surrounding communities. We will then have to wait 45 days for an amendment to come back. At that time we will address a lot of those comments and then set a Public Hearing.

Motion by Ms. Frame, supported by Ms. Printz to send the Gratiot Avenue Corridor Improvement Plan to the Township Board for distribution.

Mr. Stabile stated that he would like to pass on his total support because this is one of the best things that he has seen come along in a long time.

Mr. Priest commented that it would help us in many cases in a lot of our deliberations.

Mr. Deeby agreed.

Mr. Saelens commented that he thinks it is an excellent plan.

Vote On The Motion:

All Ayes Motion Carried

B. JOHNSON PROPOSED REZONING – PETITION #323: Jeremy and William Johnson, 38231 Sumpter Dr, Sterling Heights, MI., 48310 – Requesting to rezone property located on the west side of Jefferson, south of Cotton Road at 47075 Jefferson. The request is to rezone the property from RM-3 (Multiple Family) to C-1 (Local Commercial). Set Public Hearing for 9-15-09.

Motion by Ms. Frame, supported by Mr. Saelens to set the Public Hearing on Rezoning Petition #323 for September 15, 2009

Ms. Frame referenced a letter from James (Carnego?) requesting that a notice of the Public Hearing be sent to a corrected new address.

Vote On The Motion:

All Ayes Motion Carried



A. The Public Hearing for the Ordinance Amendments will be held August 25, 2009. It will be published 8-5-09.

Mr. Meagher asked that the commissioners read the ordinance and call him if there are any questions.


Ms. Printz stated that she has had a request from a Township Trustee to perhaps consider changing our ordinance for garages, as it seems that the ZBA is getting a lot of variances for that, and also the waterfront houses always want bigger garages.

Mr. Meagher responded that we have been through that numerous times. However, it may not hurt to reinvestigate now based on what has happened over the last 5 or 10 years.

Mr. Stabile commented that we enlarged the garage size with the last ordinance changes.

Ms. Frame indicated that she thought it was 4 or 5 years ago.

Mr. Stabile asked Ms. Printz what they were looking for.

Ms. Printz responded square footage.

There was a very brief discussion with regard to garages.

Mr. Deeby asked for a list of the ordinances he should be looking for in his packet with regard to the Public Hearing to be held at the next meeting.

Mr. Meagher indicated we would be discussing the Energy Systems (Windmills), Outdoor Sales and Storage and also Attached Patio Enclosures.

Ms. Frame asked for volunteers for the next pre-planning meeting.

Mr. Saelens and Mr. Kohler agreed to attend.

Ms. Frame briefly commented on the windmill that she went out to see. She expressed the need to get this ordinance in place.

There was brief discussion with regard to windmills.



Motion by Mr. Priest, supported by Mr. Kohler to adjourn the meeting at 7:21 p.m.

All Ayes Motion Carried

Paula Frame, Secretary Christine A. Hunyady, Recording Secretary




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