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Planning Commission Minutes - March 24, 2009



MARCH 24, 2009

A Regular meeting of the Charter Township of Chesterfield Planning Commission was held on Tuesday, March 24, 2009 at 7:00 p.m. at the Township Hall Located at 47275 Sugarbush, Chesterfield, MI 48047.


Chairman Priest called the meeting to order at 7:02 p.m.


Present: Jim Priest Excused: Robert Kohler

Paula Frame Jim Moran

Joe Stabile Cheryl Printz

George Deeby

Ray Saelens

Paul Miller

Others: Patrick Meagher, Township Planner


Mr. Priest noted an addendum to the agenda: The plans for the 24 Mile/Fairchild Pumping Station.

Motion by Mr. Priest, supported by Mr. Deeby to approve the agenda as amended.

All Ayes Motion Carried

4. SUBCOMMITTEE REPORT: (Committee will report items under Reviews)


A. PROPOSED WATERFRONT RESTAURANT - SLU #2009-01: Kem-Tec 29113 Lesnau Ct., Chesterfield, MI 48047. Proposed Restaurant located on the Southeast side of Jefferson, North of Riverpoint. Public Hearing set 2-24-09.

Tom LeFevre stated that they believe that they can meet all of the criteria of the planner and engineer. He asked how this board feels about this project before he contracts architects, due to the fact of the current economic conditions and times.

Mr. Stabile commented that he would like to see any new restaurant come into the area.

Motion by Mr. Priest, supported by Mr. Deeby to open the Public Hearing on SLU #2009-01 at 7:08 p.m.

All Ayes Motion Carried

During the Public Hearing the following individuals addressed the Board to express concerns, provide information or to support this Special Land Use: Scott DeMuynck, Richard Gira, Margaret Hetzel, Burton Kirsten, John Waseleski, Carol Paton and Lenny Grzadzinski.

Mr. LeFevre stated that how the marina operation fits is up to the township. They are just trying to make it work so that everybody is happy. With the economy as it is, it is crucial to get the restaurant approval because the restaurant will generate money so that they can do everything else to make things happen. He would love to be right at the traffic light. It is up to the Road Commission as to where they want the light. He is sure that they can make that work to benefit everybody for safety. He would be more than happy to meet with Mr. Gira to go through everything and see if they can meet his needs also. This is in a commercial area. They will do their best to make it fit. Money is very tight. They will do their best to make the township happy. They need it to work.

Mr. Saelens asked if they plan to operate this long term or looking to start it up and then sell to someone else.

Mr. LeFevre responded that he had Jack’s Waterfront for 15 years and the Flying Machine for 8 years. It depends on if he stays healthy and good. In November and December he was in the hospital for 2 months. He hopes the economy gets better, and he is here for a long period of time. He always owns his restaurants for a long period of time. Every one that he has had he has sold to either the chef or manager or someone that has worked for him for a long period of time.

Mr. Saelens asked if they will have any outside or inside entertainment.

Mr. LeFevre responded that he does not think there is a need for outside entertainment. He hopes that they get approved for inside entertainment. He sees a piano bar there with fiber optic ceilings; just a real nice family spot.

Mr. Saelens commented that Mr. LeFevre’s track record is obviously a plus.

Mr. Stabile asked what type of restaurant and price range they see here.

Mr. LeFevre responded that he never had pizza in his life, but he just retook Jack’s Waterfront, after he sold it 2 years ago; so he will be adding pizza. He sees a very inexpensive, from $5.00 to $15.00, family orientated restaurant. He sees maybe a small boat as the hostess stand in the beginning. It just depends on if the commission approves it. He sees this as a nitch type maybe with planking.

Mr. Stabile commented that high end places are wonderful, but the restaurants that have been in that area always suffer through the winter because they have never been able to get the local business.

Mr. LeFevre responded that he worries about the winters heavily. He knows the high end business as well as the low. He has always been in a reasonable middle end. That is still his philosophy.

Mr. Deeby commented that he would like to see something like this productive in the area as long as all of the criteria can be met. Thus far the engineering comments have been very extensive, as well as the Fire Department and planner. He would like to see these comments pared down to where everyone is comfortable with moving forward.

Mr. LeFevre responded that everyone has to work together on the comments. He does not mind doing anything, but he does have to get open. He will make it happen. He has never had any liquor violations in any of the restaurants that he has owned. He has had every city happy.

Mr. Deeby asked if they will be applying for a liquor license or transferring an existing one.

Mr. LeFevre responded that he will be transferring an existing one.

Mr. Priest commented that he is glad to hear that they will work together with the township. A lot of the issues outstanding must be met because they are required by our ordinances. We have no movement around those. We would like to see a good restaurant and the marina cleaned up and usable. It appears that Mr. Gira was not notified of the Public Hearing. We don’t know if the rest of the people in that area were notified. We have to assume that they were, but we are not sure. He suggested that this Public Hearing be left open until the next meeting. He informed Mr. LeFevre to put his intentions in writing for the next meeting.

Motion by Mr. Priest, supported by Mr. Deeby to hold the Public Hearing open and table this until the next meeting, which would be April 14, 2009.

All Ayes Motion Carried


A. WALMART PROPOSED NEW POLE SIGN - #2008-35 SGN: Atwell-Hicks, 50182 Schoenherr, Shelby Twp., MI., 48315 – Proposed new pole sign located at new Wal Mart on south side of 23 Mile Road, east of I-94. Tabled 2-24-09.

Motion by Ms. Frame, supported by Mr. Deeby to approve #2008-35 SGN.

All Ayes Motion Carried


Galaxy Sign & Hoisting, 126 Nevada, Rochester Hills, MI 48309. Proposed new wall sign located at 49688 Gratiot in the Clear Creek Plaza.

Ms. Frame stated that there are a few issues with this sign, such as window signage that they need to take care of before this sign can be approved.

Motion by Ms. Frame, supported by Mr. Saelens to table #2009-07 SGN for up to 6 meetings with the deadline being June 23, 2009.

All Ayes Motion Carried


Ms. Frame noted a correction to the minutes dated 2/24/2009 with regard to the approval of the previous minutes, as the date should have been listed as January 27, 2009 rather than February 10, 2009.

Motion by Ms. Frame, supported by Mr. Priest to approve the minutes from the February 24, 2009 meeting as corrected.

All Ayes Motion Carried



24 Mile/Fairchild PRV Station

Mr. Meagher stated that he has met with the engineer on this. The township has been moving forward with taking the pump stations and bringing them above ground for safety reasons. This structure will be the same as the one on Hall Road by Walmart.

Mr. Priest commented that there is also one on 23 Mile Road and Fairchild now.

Motion by Ms. Frame, supported by Mr. Stabile to approve the 24/Fairchild PRV Station.

Mr. Deeby asked for Mr. Meagher’s review that everything is fine with this as he has not had time to review this plan.

Mr. Meagher explained that because this is an essential service, it does not fall under the guides of the Township Ordinance. It is before the commission this evening for information purposes, and as a courtesy extended by the Township Board. Actually the State Act requires that it does come before the commission because it is a capital improvement by the township.

Mr. Deeby asked about the safety and aesthetics of these types of stations.

Mr. Meagher stated that the units are not visited by a steady stream of folks on a daily basis. There is no traffic issues per say. The aesthetics are rather nice compared to most.

Ms. Giese commented that it will be color impregnated block.

Mr. Saelens commented on the ordinance requirement of brick or better.

Mr. Meagher responded that this has been endorsed by the Township Board, and because it is an essential service it is not required to meet township ordinances.

Mr. Deeby asked if we can make a suggestion to the Township Board to consider having something more aesthetically pleasing, like brick, if these are going to be popping up everywhere there is an underground pump station.

Ms. Frame amended her motion to approve the 24 Mile/Fairchild PRV Station, with a suggestion to the Township Board that they consider requiring brick facing.

Mr. Stabile continued his support.

All Ayes Motion Carried



Mr. Meagher gave a brief overview of a potential amendment to the ordinance with regard to windmills. He suggested that everyone look over the amendment, which will be reviewed at the next meeting along with the other two amendments previously distributed.

Mr. Stabile commented about Selfridge’s concern of windmills coming in.

Mr. Meagher asked Ms. Giese if she could email Selfridge a copy of the amendment.

Ms. Giese indicated that she would.


Ms. Frame asked if we ever got all of the blue lights approved by the Holiday Inn Express.

Mr. Meagher responded that he believes that we approved them subject to Selfridge’s approval.

Ms. Giese commented that everything was sent to Selfridge. She believes that they said that the lights don’t shine up enough to create a problem.

Ms. Frame asked for volunteers for the next pre-planning meeting.

Mr. Saelens agreed to attend.



Motion by Mr. Saelens, supported by Mr. Stabile to adjourn the meeting at 7:57 p.m.

All Ayes Motion Carried


Paula Frame, Secretary Christine A. Hunyady, Recording Secretary




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