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Parks and Recreation Commission Minutes - October 28, 2009

Chesterfield Township Parks and Recreation Commission
Proposed Minutes
Oct 28th, 2009

Call to Order 
Meeting called to order at 7:02 PM by Alan Christ

Roll Call
Present: Alan Christ, Pat Williams, Doug Groth, Natalie McPherson, Mary Ellen Wilmot, Vincent Finazzo, David Joseph, Amy Zarate
Absent:  Rich Piekarski (Director),

Motion was made by Alan, seconded by Doug to approve the agenda as written with addition. Motion passed on a voice vote.

Motion was made by Doug seconded by Vince  to approve the Sept 30th, 2009 minutes as written.  Motion passed on a voice vote.

Introduction of new commissioners

Theldha Miller was introduced and told us she wanted to bring some new ideas to the group, including creating a festival on a par with those in neighboring communities.
Tracy Antriken spoke of some new ideas she also would like to bring to this august body.

Old Business

  1. Mt.Clemens Christmas parade will be held on the day after Thanksgiving.  Doug Groth is expected to pull the Miss Chesterfield float.
  2. Appreciation awards:  Natalie made a motion that the parks and recreation department take on this activity and determine if it continues as a township sponsored activity and send a note to the Supervisor stating our request.  The motion was seconded by Theldha and passed on a voice vote.

New Business

The commission discussed the article concerning the township acceptance of the playground equipment.  A request was made to ask the Supervisor to please let our board know about the origins and plans for the installation of the equipment.
Election of officers:

New Board as Elected unanimously in voice votes:

Alan Christ – Chair
Patrick Williams – Vice Chair
Vincent Finazzo – Secretary

Directors Report (as shared by Amy)

  • Halloween Jamboree t be held 10-31 –still in need of volunteers
  • Flag Football banquet scheduled for Thursday Oct 12th at Zuccaros
  • The 2010 brochure distribution will be handled in 2 printings this year (vs 3 in previous years).  Also, it is scheduled to be mailed due to the inability for widespread distribution in the schools.  This plan will be presented to the township board on 11-2 for approval.
  • Jan’s time on the board will be complete after the November commission meeting.  Our new liaison will be Scott DeMuynck.
  • Tree Lighting scheduled for 12-4 at the township offices
  • Holiday House decorating contest is scheduled for 12-17; nominations for qualifying houses are needed by 12-15.
  • Next Meeting is scheduled for 11-18-09.

Comments from the Commission/Floor

  • Vince welcomes Tracy and Theldha to the commission. Vince also thanks Amy for her job as Chair over the last year.
  • Alan would like to invite Mr. Lovelock to our next meeting.
  • Doug welcomes our new members.
  • Pat dittos Doug’s comments.
  • Natalie welcomes the new board members and thanks Amy for her service.  She also believes the board needs to thin outside the box to meet the challenges of the next year.
  • Mary Ellen welcomes the new members and thanks Amy.  She would like to be notified if the meeting is cancelled while she is en route.
  • Amy welcomes the new members and congratulates the new officers.  She agrees that inviting Mr. Lovelock to the next meeting would be very beneficial.
  • She sends her best wishes to Rich for a speedy recovery.
  • Theldha thanks the group for the warm welcome.
  • Tracy is glad to be on board and thanks the group for the welcome.

Motion to adjourn made by Amy and seconded by Mary Ellen – passed on a voice vote.  Meeting adjourned @ 8:16 PM

Respectfully Submitted by Pat Williams 11-29-09 




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