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Parks and Recreation Commission Minutes - April 29, 2009

Chesterfield Township Parks and Recreation Commission

Proposed Minutes

April 29, 2009

Call to Order

Meeting called to order at 7:10PM by Amy Zarate

Roll Call

Present: Alan Christ, Pat Williams, Doug Groth, Mary Ellen Wilmot, Amy Zarate, Vincent Finazzo, David Joseph, Jan Uglis (Board Liaison),

Absent: Natalie McPherson, Ron Rospierski, Rich Piekarski (Director)


Motion by Jan seconded by Pat to approve the agenda with addition of item "Township Awards Committee". Passed on a voice vote.


Motion by Doug seconded by Alan to approve the March 25th, 2009 minutes as written. Motion passed on a voice vote.

Director’s Report (presented by Jan on behalf of Rich)

Program Updates were given

Upcoming Events

Miss Chesterfield Pageant- 5 young ladies will compete May 8th at Anchor Bay South middle school. First event with Miss Chesterfield will be opening day baseball. Need a volunteer to videotape.

Baseball Opening Day will be May 16th at Pollard Park –see attachment. Volunteers needed by 9:30 day of event.

Beautification Week –attachment reviewed

Township Appreciation Awards-Motion by Pat, second by Vince to offer the services of a sub-committee of our board to take on the responsibilities of the Awards committee, if the Township Board so wishes. Motion passed on a voice vote.

Old Business

Sponsorships –potential guideline for pricing presented by Jan –full sponsorship for $4250 for 20 years; $2125 for 10 years. In both cases every 6 yrs the sponsor will be responsible for maintaining the signage.

Easter Coloring Contest –12 winners will be presented at the next board meeting.

Commissioners whose terms are up were encouraged to submit letters to the Supervisor in order to be re-appointed.

Comments from the Commission/Floor

David Joseph would like to address strategies for long-term viability of the department.

Doug stated that our board should be more involved with the Beautification and Appreciation Committees.

Alan announced that "Let’s Fish" is looking for another fishin’ hole for the event. Please contact him with ideas.

Vince told of the next iteration of the Police and Fire golf tournament scheduled for August 8th.

Amy expressed gratitude for the board offering to take a greater role in the Appreciation Awards Committee.

Jan gave a "thank you" to Dicks Sporting Goods for their continued support and their most recent donation to the baseball/softball program.

Motion to adjourn made by Pat, and seconded by Vince.

Meeting adjourned @ 8:16 PM


Respectfully Submitted by Pat Williams 5-19-09



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