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Parks and Recreation Commission Minutes - March 25, 2009

Chesterfield Township Parks and Recreation Commission

Proposed Minutes

March 25th, 2009

Call to Order

Meeting called to order at 7:07PM by Amy Zarate

Roll Call

Present: Alan Christ, Pat Williams, Natalie McPherson, Doug Groth, Mary Ellen Wilmot, Amy Zarate, Vincent Finazzo, Jan Uglis (Board Liaison),

Absent: David Joseph, Ron Rospierski, Rich Piekarski


Motion by Alan seconded by Amy to approve the agenda. Passed on a voice vote.


Motion by Vince seconded by Alan to approve the Jan 28th, 2009 minutes as written. Motion passed on a voice vote.

Director’s Report (presented by Jan on behalf of Rich)

  1. Introduction of New Commissioner Doug Groth –Welcome
  2. Registration Updates
  3. Spring and Summer Brochure-Scheduled to be distributed by 4-6 & was handed out for a sneak preview.

Upcoming Events

  1. Easter Coloring Contest – Now through 4-9
  2. Easter Egg Scramble at Pollard Park –Scheduled for April 4th. Need volunteers from 10-12 AM.

Old Business

  1. Tony McPherson Memorial – Commissioners were asked to notify the Director by 4-28 of their ideas to honor Tony. Ideas presented were a plaque or a bench to be placed at Brandenburg Park or something else, if suggested.
  2. Sponsorships – We will be looking to obtain business sponsorships for 5 scoreboards @ approximately $4250 each. Possible items to consider:
    • Length of sponsorship
    • Full/partial sponsorships
    • Maintenance considerations for lettering/logo
    • Types of businesses to be allowed
    • Placement of signs on boards
    • Possible placement of banners in outfield

Comments from the Commission/Floor

  • Mary Ellen announced 3 concerts dates 7/14;7/21 & 7/28
  • Pat welcomed Doug back to the board!
  • Doug offered that he was glad to be back
  • Natalie said she will be absent the next meeting and is looking forward to Spring
  • Vince welcomed Doug and announced the Police & Fire golf outing will be August 8th at Salt River
  • Alan said that "Lets Fish" will be held June 3rd and 6th –looking for volunteers & advised that the Township should seek grants to obtain US stimulus money for parks and recreation.
  • Amy offered her thoughts and prayers to the Piekarski Family. The Appreciation Awards dinner will be held on 4-3. All commissioners were invited to attend. Nominees are due to the township by 3-27.

Motion to adjourn made by Alan, and seconded by Doug. Meeting adjourned @ 7:55 PM

Respectfully Submitted by Pat Williams 4-22-09




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