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Beautification Commission Minutes - October 14, 2009

Proposed Minutes of Chesterfield Township Beautification Committee Meeting

Wednesday October 14, 2009

Regular Meeting @ 7:00pm

Meeting was called to order by Sue Grimaudo @ 7:05pm

Roll call by Sue Grimaudo.

Members present: Linda Hartman, Sue Grimaudo, Constance Hansen, Tom Yaschen, Denise Calvert, Marlene Krul and Marilyn Sypolt .

Approval of September minutes – Linda Hartman, second by Tom Yaschen.

Bulb Planting:

200 bulbs planted by Sue Grimaudo and Denise Calvert on 10/6/09 @ Municipal building.

Sue Grimaudo donated 80 bulbs.

Denise suggest we contact DPW to create 3 inch holes as some areas are not draining. Linda to speak with them on 10/15/09.

Tom Yaschen is searching for bulb donations.

Tom to plant @ Veterans Park.

Denise would like to inform Rich Piekarski that 20 or so of the Brecks bulbs were no good (soft).

Meeting dates for 2010

With the exception of May, all looks good.

Changing from May 13th to May 12th 2010.

Beautification Week 2010

Possible May 15th – 22nd

Flower planting in front of Municipal building – Marlene suggests begonia’s as they need very little nurturing.

Susie has seeds – columbine, echinaica and gaillardia.

Birdhouse Contest- idea given by Denise Calvert

Birdhouse, Bat-house and Butterfly-house

Perhaps put an add in the Winter Parks and Recs brochure

Accepting houses Feb-May 2010

To be judged during beautification week

Adopt a spot – suggestion from Linda Hartman

People would be responsible for planting, weeding and maintaining a spot.

Those involved would be accountable to beartification group

Examples would be neighbors, girl-scouts, boy-scouts

Event Planning Christmas 2009

Decorate bridge Saturday Nov 21st 1pm

In lieu of roping, we may purchase 2 wreaths from historical society

We will also use our own resources i.e. tree branches, rose hips and dried herbs to create a sweeping like decoration.

Pumpkin Carving Contest:

Linda Hartman donated $20 to go toward a gift certificate to a local store, for the grand prize.

Denise Calvert donated gift coupons from Big Boy.

Sue Grimaudo has been out soliciting local businesses for donations

Sue Grimaudo motioned to adjourn meeting, Tom Yaschen second the motion.

Meeting adjourned 8:17pm



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