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Beautification Commission Minutes - April 8, 2009

Proposed Minutes of Chesterfield Township Beautification Committee Meeting

Wednesday April 8, 2009

Regular Meeting @ 7:00pm

Meeting was called to order by Sue Grimaudo @ 7:10pm

Roll call by Sue Grimaudo.

Members present: Rich Piekarski, Linda Hartman, Sue Grimaudo, Constance Hansen, Tom Yaschen

Members absent: Jen West and Denise Calvert.

Motion made by Sue Grimaudo to approve agenda, approved by Tom Yashen and second by Constance Hansen.

Motion made by Sue Grimaudo to approve minutes from January 14, 2009. Approved by Tom Yashen and second by Linda Hartman.

Sue Grimaudo runs through the Beautification week agenda are as follows: May 1st sunflower kickoff, May 14 & 15 tree seedling distribution, May 16 Clean-up kickoff for home owners and businesses, May 17th plant a tree day, May 20 Green Elem planting flowers at municipal building.

Sue Grimaudo curious about replacement of burning bush at Veterans Park. Rich confirms we would not be able to have them replaced, as we purchased them as being commercial thus not able to be replaced as such.

Rich suggest we plant perennials, some annuals and hostas under Brandenburg sign.

Rich, Tom and Susie decide to take road trip to various greenhouses to look at options for what would make sense in planting efforts for 2009 and beyond.

We agree to continue to network with library garden group, which falls on the 2nd Thursday of every month.

Discussion to incorporate library’s 7th annual spring perennial exchange in the beautification flier.

Per Sue Grimaudo, roster has been revised to be distributed next meeting.

Ways of cutting cost for 2009: 1. No t shirts 2. Plant more perennials and fewer annuals. 3. Various gardeners of Chesterfield to donate extra perennials.

Fall bulb planting to be discussed as new business per Linda.

Per Sue Grimaudo, website to have link to beautification committee. Linda to get Eric/Ellen to add the following information:

Chesterfield beautification committee joining information

Beautification week agenda

Recycling awareness

Denise was able to participate in meeting (8:05).

Discussion of old school house Victorian garden may not make sense, per Denise.

Suggested plantings by historical society:

Apple tree

Lilac bush


Meeting adjourned 8:20pm.


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