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Beautification Commission Minutes - January 14, 2009


Proposed Minutes of Chesterfield Township Beautification Committee Meeting

Wednesday January 14, 2009

Regular Meeting @ 7:00pm

Meeting was called to order by Sue Grimaudo @ 7:12pm

Introduced Linda Hartman as new Liaison

Roll Call by Rich Piekarski , members present: Sue Grimaudo, Constance Hansen,

Tom Yaschen and Linda Hartman

Members absent: Denise Calvert and Jen West

Motion made by Sue Grimaudo to approve agenda, agenda approved by Tom Yaschen

Second by Constance Hansen

Motion made by Sue Grimaudo to approve minutes from October 8, 2008, minutes approved by Tom Yaschen second by Constance Hansen

Sue Grimaudo announces the resignation of Cindy Ochmanski as of October 31,2008

Sue Grimaudo thanks everyone for a job well done decorating the Township Office Bridge, also that the pumpkin carving contest went very well and Rich Piekarski had thank you cards sent out to all vendors that had donated to the pumpkin contest

Tom Yaschen had suggested that we should get solar lights for township walkway bridge and Chesterfield office sign at entry off Sugarbush

Sue Grimaudo asked for any volunteers for the committee’s secretary position, Constance Hansen excepted and Tom Yaschen offered to alternate in her absents

Sue Grimaudo motioned to approve Beautification Committee schedule dates for 2009 Tom Yaschen approved and second by Linda Hartman, dates are as followed:

March 11, April 8, May 13, June 10, Sept. 9, Oct.14, and do to Veterans Day holiday November’s meeting will be the first Wednesday November 4th, no meetings in months of February, July, August, or December 2009

Sue Grimaudo asked for address of new Liaison Linda Hartman and than to approve Committee Roster update Constance Hansen approved and second by Tom Yaschen

Sue Grimaudo asked to approve Beautification week for dates May 16 – May 22, also dates for sunflower pickup & plant for May 1,2009, Plant A Tree Day for May 17, 2009

& Attentively dates for Chesterfield Elementary school and Sugarbush Elementary school for planting at Township Office are May 19, May 20 or May 21 approved by Tom Yaschen and second by Constance Hansen

Comments form the committee:

Tom Yaschen asked to approve May 16,2009 for Clean Up Day kickoff to prepare for Beautification Week, will finalize in March meeting, also Tom suggested we check out the library Garden Club meetings held on every 2nd Thursday of each month, to maybe work together on beautification of the township of Chesterfield

Constance Hansen has been to meeting and very active with the library and suggested the Plants & Herb exchange is a good start

Tom Yaschen also would like a Material Guideline of pictures/flyer to be put on the web sit and also available in at the Township Office for the residents to know exactly what items can be recycled. This flyer comes from Great Lake recycling center where Rizzo takes all recycling from Chesterfield residents

Tom Yaschen and Denise Calvert are going to be working with the Historical Society to have a Victorian Garden with all types of Michigan hebetate plants, more info to come

Constance Hansen suggested that we all whom can, attend the Library meeting on March 12th the day after the Beautification Committee meeting, to present the committee to there Garden Committee

Motion made to adjourn meeting by Sue Grimaudo motion approved by Tom Yaschen and second by Linda Hartman

Meeting adjourned at 8:04pm

Next meeting Wednesday March 11th 2009 @ 7:00pm

Minutes submitted by Sue Grimaudo on January 29, 2009 for approval to Rich Piekarski




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