Beautification Week 2016

May 8 - Plant A Michigan Native Perennial Day
Residents are encouraged to plant a perennial on their own property and even with a friend or neighbor!  Echinacea, Lavender, Hosta, Black-Eyed Susan, Astilbe, Bleeding Hearts will make a Great Mothers Day Gift!

May 9 - Adopt-A-Spot Day
Show your community pride and come together with family and friends to ADOPT -A-SPOT! A flyer detailing this community service project can be obtained at the Parks and Recreation Department.

May 10:  Garden Vegetable Day
In your garden, plant a vegetable of your choice today and in months to come you'll be able to enjoy the fruits of your labor! This Year try eggplant or tomatoes.

May 11 - Compost Day
Pledge to gather your "green waste" (grass clippings, leaves, tree branches, etc.) in a compost pile for decomposition to be reused as fertilizer for your plants! Compost can be made even simpler by collecting your old coffee grounds for use as nourishment in your garden!

May 12 - Get A Tree Day / Sunflower
Stop by the Chesterfield Township Offices from 2:00pm - 4:00pm today and Beautification Committee members will be passing out seedlingsand Sunflower seeds (Official Chesterfield Flower) for you to take home and grow on your own!  Seedlings are available courtesy of the Chesterfield Township Beautification Committee

Bird, Bat, and Butterfly House Contest - Entries Due
Those of you have spent time this winter building your own Bird, Bat or Butterfly House are invited to enter it into the contest. Prizes will be awarded and the first place winner will receive a $50 gift certificate. Should you choose to donate your creation the Beautification Committee will have your house proudly displayed at one of our Township Parks!

May 13 - Recycling Awareness Day
Recycling is better for the environment and makes the world a better place for us! Make it a point today to learn about recycling efforts within your community. Visit for information or call you waste Removal Company to learn more about how you as a homeowner can make a difference!

May 14 - Yard Waste Day
Beautification Committee members want to encourage you to spend the day cleaning-up your land! Use this day to rid your property of yard waste through mowing, raking & trimming your shrubs/lawn.

May 15 - Arbor Plant-A-Tree Day
Wrap-up Beautification Week 2016 by planting a tree of your choice or planting your seedling in support of the Arbor Day. Trees make good barriers, provide a peaceful and relaxing setting, harbor wildlife, improve air quality, and provide shade and much, much, more! Planting the right type of tree in a suitable area provide long-lasting benefits to both you and your neighbors!



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