DTE Energy Tree Trimming Program

DTE Energy routinely works in Chesterfield Township to maintain safe, dependable electric service. To assure this they must trim or remove trees growing to close to power lines. Tree limbs that come in contact with power lines, especially during storms are the most common cause of downed wires and power shortages.

The trimming is done in accordance with standards approved by the International Society of Arboriculture. If a tree poses a serious hazard to the power lines and trimming will damage the tree’s health and overall strength the tree may need to be removed.

Line clearance in Chesterfield is done by N.G. Gilbert, a professional tree-trimming company from Macomb County. The contractor will chip and remove small branches and debris. Large wood will be cut to handling length and left on the property.

For more information about DTE’s line clearance program visit their web site at




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